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    Why do I need to sign in?
    In order to help track Covid-19 cases, we ask that you fill out this voluntary sign-in form.

    Where is my information kept?
    Your information is stored in a secure database where it will be deleted automatically after 30 days. This database is wholly owned and controlled by CYP and is in no way connected to any third party.

    Will this information be shared with anyone else? Will I be spammed?
    Your information is shared with absolutely no one unless we are contacted by a state health official. Your phone is only used to contact you in the event of a Covid-19 infection.

    Will my information be kept secret?
    The information entered here is only visible by CYP home group members in the event of a Covid-19 infection.

    What is my information used for?
    This information is used in the event of a Covid-19 infection to help local health officials with contact tracing. In such an event, you may be contacted by a health official. If contacted by a health official you are under no obligation to identify yourself as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, “spiritual” or “self-help” group is sufficient.